New Saker 762 Issues

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New Saker 762 Issues

Postby jjasleby » Sat Nov 04, 2017 2:35 pm

Wanted to see if anyone has had similar experiences, since I'm having some difficulty getting started with my new Saker. It's not the new ASR, since I bought mine about a week before Silencerco announced the new ASR.

I shoot an M6IC-E in 5.56 with a 16" barrel. Been using the brake instead of the FH because that's what my dealer had in stock at the time the tax stamp came in.

First time out the can worked fine, but the MAAD mount locked to the brake to such an extent that I had to take it back in to the gunsmith. It took about 4 days of them soaking the mount to get it off. I emailed Silencerco, who said that this is caused by over-tightening. I took the gun back out this weekend to see if I could get things to work. Didn't tighten the can down as hard as the last time, and within the first 10-12 rounds, I ended up sending the can flying down the range into the dirt... No baffle strike or any damage to the suppressor that I can see. In both instances, I was just sighting things in (so not doing mag dumps or anything excessive). Using M855's or 193's with the gas block on the Supressor setting.

I'm wondering if anyone has had similar experiences or has any advice for how I can get things up and running. Silencerco has been great to deal with, and has offered to exchange the MAAD mount for the ASR. I'm really hoping that will solve the issue.
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Re: New Saker 762 Issues

Postby tact999 » Sat Nov 04, 2017 3:18 pm

Just get the ASR. I️ had them swap me another Mount once as I️ had the same problem with over tightening it. Its been fine but all my other ASRs have been fine as well.
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Re: New Saker 762 Issues

Postby rcrandall » Sun Nov 05, 2017 11:06 am

I had the same issues and after launching the can the third time so I switched to the ASR flash hider and mount, haven't had a problem since.
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