7.62 CSASS/MKII Settings for SilencerCo Omega?

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7.62 CSASS/MKII Settings for SilencerCo Omega?

Postby unrequited » Wed May 03, 2017 3:11 pm

It's my first time with an adjustable gas block, and 20 settings seems daunting for the new CSASS/MKII AGB, so I'm wondering where a good place to start and what to look/listen for is? I was thinking of setting it to half to start, but do I go open or closed from there, any why? What's a good indicator, brass ejection angle / distance? Will one way or another minimize POI shift? I've never dialed in ADB on a suppressor, and my previous 7.62 host was a stock AR-10 so there wasn't anything to adjust. Any help would be grateful, thanks.
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Re: 7.62 CSASS/MKII Settings for SilencerCo Omega?

Postby LoganBetterton » Wed May 10, 2017 11:24 am

If you are using a standard factory ammo; turn the adjustment valve to closed (clockwise until it seats), then back it out 16 clicks and fire 3 rounds. If the ejection is at 2:30 or less; close it (counter-clockwise) two clicks and test again. Ideal is to have an ejection between 2:30 and 4:00 (standard for AR platforms). You should see little, if any impact shift in this process.

Using a suppressor is a different animal. Different suppressors create different back pressures. Also, some suppressors will have an impact shift that can be quite substantial compared to others. That said, when shooting suppressed, start by closing the adjustment valve, then open to six clicks. Test fire and check ejection. With some suppressors, it may be difficult to get a perfect ejection, but the rifle will tell you where it is happiest.
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