Barrel Lengths

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Barrel Lengths

Postby 7y13r14x » Wed Dec 13, 2017 2:51 pm

I've been really curious as of recent days about what LWRC is producing. They recently just said they are producing 6.5 Creedmoor in a 20 in barrel in the REPR configuration. That's awesome. This community I believe has been waiting for this for a long time. 6.5 Creedmoor is really taking off in the firearms community. And for right reasons. Then they come out and say they're making the .224 Valkyrie in an 18" barrel in their 6.8SPCII configuration. I was kind of taken back by it because .224 Valkyrie is so new and they're making an 18'' barrel for it. Federal doesn't have me convinced yet but it seems to have made an impression on the YouTuber side of things. Which doesn't make the round any more desirable in my book. But what do I know?

My main point is why aren't they making a 18" barrel for the IC 5.56 NATO side of the house. I would in a heartbeat, get an 18" rifle without hesitation. I just like the 18" barrel better. "What's two inches going to do for you anyways?!" Well I just think, and the data shows, that the 5.56 in an 18" barrel performs better. Its not much of a difference but its just enough to do so (If that even makes any sense). The military uses longer barrels in their SAPR configurations, like in the MK10, MK11, MK12 configurations. In all honesty, 16" SPR turned me away because it didn't have the adjustable gas block. If it had an 18" or 20" barrel with an adjustable gas block, I think it would turn some heads. This should Include the 6.8 Series of rifles.

If anyone has any idea to making this a possibility or even why we don't have this yet, I'd like to know. I hate DI's, shooting M4's and M16's in the military just turned me away from them. The Piston will live to be a better operating system. The M27 IAR is a perfect example of that. Any other piston rifle on the market doesn't make me turn my head like an LWRC does. That just proves how good of a product LWRC is.

TL;DR: Where the F*** is the 18" barrels for the 5.56 and 6.8SPCII?


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Re: Barrel Lengths

Postby geistacwm » Wed Dec 13, 2017 5:50 pm

18" Dmr length uppers can be sourced. The two Ive owned were tack drivers in both calibers.

Their rarity adds to the appeal to an extent.

PM and Ill steer you in the direction to find one..
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