CA Legal Ambi Magazine release for M6-IC

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CA Legal Ambi Magazine release for M6-IC

Postby bigevil » Wed Jul 01, 2015 10:39 pm

I've had my M6-IC SPR about a year and a half or so and love it. The only one issue I have is that the ambi-magazine release isn't compliant in California and installation of a bullet button typically requires a mil-spec or traditional mag catch lever.

I've posted before about issues with fitment and protrusion when installing a mil-spec Mag catch but more importantly I've been told numerous times that LWRC and or others can manually disable the ambi mag catch so it could be used in conjunction with a bullet button. I'd LOVE this, as I feel like it'd make my purchase complete, would work best with my rifle. Does anyone have any insight or tips on this?

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