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Re: What's Missing?

Postby andreys21 » Sat Feb 15, 2014 11:51 am


It's been a year. I Had to sell off everything except my M590A1. Now that things are getting better, I'm slowly restarting from almost zero. Wifey got me a G19 for Christmas and I just got a M6SL from the forum. I'm on my way to do taxes right now and hopefully Uncle Sam is more forgiving than last year. The list still remains the same. I actually did manage to snag an AK last earlier this year amidst the newtown panic. Ended up selling it 2 weeks later for the same money. It failed to make me tingle like my AR did. It was an SLR-107F. Very nice Bulgarian AK from Arsenal. Aside from the panic, we also were gettng racy to have another baby, which we had on Labor Day :-) so now the firearm budget is very tight.

There is definitely a .308 in my future, just not sure when that's going to happen. Time to start hammering out some weekend overtime. Thank you guys for your comment and support. God bless.
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Re: What's Missing?

Postby Chumly » Thu Mar 06, 2014 11:13 pm

I like the G17/G19 on the list and glad you got the 19 on your starting over period. I love my Gen2 17 and will never part with it. Great sidearm that has been with me through a lot of stuff.

My thought process on the recent purchase of a 20" REPR went sorta like this: I have a Tag Heuer Submariner watch I got while in the military and will be my son's one day. However, I also got a watch from my father and, well, it's a watch. Some day my son will get a fine REPR and I just feel handing down rifles so much more special. Great grandfather, grandfather, dad...I love having their firearms more than, say, a retirement Rolex.

The REPR is a battle rifle indeed, but it's a fine piece of craft to own. I feel it fits a niche that want a .308, semi, and have reach. I shot a 300 Win mag 700 for years and, while great, they sure are barrel burners! I can't afford to shoot .338 Lapua at all or 416/500 Barrett, so how much can I really enjoy them? 5.56 and .308 are common rounds and feel we should all have one of each, an AK and 9mm are nice touches to round it off.

I like the idea of a full armory I can just go to and pick from, but I prefer a logical balance and reality of funding. A 9mm Glock, .38 S&W revolver, a shotgun of your liking (18" Rem 870 here), 5.56 carbine, Ruger 10/22, and a big 20" REPR just feels right as a good foundation to build from; It's all covered. It all takes time and collections are wisely chosen piece by piece as we can afford them; there is no rush at all and avoid the hype as much as possible. We're about to be a house of 5 this Summer (others already out and funding junior college) and I know that Huggies, food, and a roof over our head are important as well.

As an end note, I'd like to twist your arm for a 20" REPR vise the shorter versions. If you're collecting and want to have a firearm for every condition, the .308 is meant to reach out so let it do that. It's big, it's heavy, but I feel it should be on a bipod and shot from prone. 200yd shots can be had with the 5.56 and carried more easily. If you go REPR, go REPR fully basically. A 16/18" is compromising IMO as others fit that bill better. The price for the rifle may worry you now but you'll still need good glass, bipod, mounts, maybe a 2-point sling, etc...it's an investment for sure...

...and an investment I feel very well about! I'm not made of money either, but loved saving up and actually getting my hands on one finally. I was just in the dealer today and they saw the smile on my face as soon as they asked, "so, how do you like it?"
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