22 Suppressor

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22 Suppressor

Postby PinGorilla » Fri Dec 25, 2015 7:26 pm

Looking to get a 22 suppressor. I am interested in the Sparrow and Warlock II. Anyone have any experience or opinion on either of these? I am leaning towards the Sparrow for easy cleaning, however the weight of the Warlock has my interest also.

Plan to use on 22/45 Ruger.

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Re: 22 Suppressor

Postby TH317 » Sat Dec 26, 2015 2:32 am


I went with the top one (Echo) for my Ruger 22/45. The salesman, Brandon (owner of Dakota Silencer), had pretty high praise for it. It's not rated for anything but .22LR, but that's what I was looking for... If I was thinking of running my .22 AR in full auto or picking up a rifle in one of those other calibers, I would definitely look into an Element II from AAC above all others (not to say there aren't other very capable suppressors out there).

If you're looking strictly for a suppressor for your pistol, I would think that Warlock 22 would suit you just fine. If you have the opportunity, I would suggest going to a suppressor shoot and trying one out first. I learned a lot about what to look and listen for in just a couple hours both shooting and observing several different makes and models in action.

On a side note, I have not yet received my stamp. The moment I do, I will be making tracks to pick up my can and give 'er a whirl!!! Good luck on making your choice and happy shootin'! :)

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Re: 22 Suppressor

Postby bastardsonofelvis » Sat Dec 26, 2015 6:07 pm

The sparrow is the only one I have any experience with. It's quiet enough for me and very easy to break down for cleaning. I bought it when SF wasn't making a .22 can -- that's probably what I'd get now.
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Re: 22 Suppressor

Postby jsha22lr » Sun Dec 27, 2015 12:03 pm

Check out the Griffin armament checkmate 22. I love it. My brother had a specter 2 and it's awesome.
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