Ares Armor / Harpe URG

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Ares Armor / Harpe URG

Postby andreys21 » Sun Jun 01, 2014 6:49 pm

First off, I heard about these guys out of Kommiefornia from nutnfancy. I'm sure you've heard of the BATFE raid on their business. I decided to support their cause by preordering 2 harpe uppers @ $497 each. I received them roughly 6-8 weeks later. This is an honest review of an amateur sheepdog with not a whole lot of gun smithing or military/LEO experience so take if for what it's worth:

ARES ARMOR HARPE UPPER and the company itself:

-it functions, when it's not falling apart. No accuracy testing performed.
-price, considering all the features offered which were delivered as advertised.
-support their fight for 2A
-reasonable email response time

Cons and heres where it gets ugly and all these apply to both uppers purchased:
-the foreend was loose / had play.
-gas block was loose to a point I could rotate it by hand all the way around
-the finish on the handguard is very thin, it wouldn't take long to rub it off with mechanix gloves
-the gas key came loose after 100 rounds and caused non-stop FTF and FTE. Not properly staked either.
-the effin-A comp works great but the finish is just as thin.
-the barrel nut is proprietary and might be why it was difficult to fix the play in the handguard. I also fear that the fix won't last long.

Other comments:
I posted a review just like this on their website which never made it, I think they only let 4-5 star reviews get posted.
Their marketing strategy is a lie: according to their website, the uppers that I bought were going to go up to $1150 or so. Illusion of savings opportunity. None of their uppers for sale right now are not worth anywhere near that. Same goes for the rest for ALL products they sell at a limited time "discount". I don't think I can justify buying anything else from them. They might be good people but someone lying to their own community is a no-no. Example: Cheaper than dirt, my previous go-to shop here in Portland, Dick's Sporing goods, etc. Hopefully they can turn it around for the better or they will fail trying. Thank you.
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Re: Ares Armor / Harpe URG

Postby tommys229 » Mon Jun 02, 2014 10:47 am

Thanks for the knowledge and insight.
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